Scheduled downtime for scheduled jobs

For planned releases we would like the possibility to schedule downtime for our scheduled jobs.

We got a few API calls that we make to and from Microsoft Dynamics and those are going to fail when we are releasing an update to our Microsoft production servers.

Schedule downtime for about X hours in all Alumio incoming/outgoing jobs which match the specific day/time of our planned release. This should halt all planned schedules for the set amount of time or during a start/end period.

Possibility to select the schedules that should stop during that time.

This is a cool idea!
@Gugi What do you think?

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@Roland I agree with the idea to let users set up scheduled downtime/maintenance through the dashboard.

@Rickvzanden Thank you for your feedback. We will pass your idea on to the corresponding team to hear any thoughts from them about it. We will let you know once we have an update.

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Hi Team Alumio,

I was wondering if there is any update regarding this feature request.
Is it being picked up or something in the backlog for later?

+1 for this feature request. This would be very beneficial for many projects I’m involved with.

As a workaround, I currently setup a script that disables the respective HTTP client of the system that goes into maintenance. This prevents all routes using that HTTP client from running until it’s enabled again. Not the cleanest solution but it works and saves me a lot of time disabling/enabling the schedulers.

Hi @Rickvzanden,

Your feature request was put into our Backlog. We will do our best to start working on this request as soon as possible.