Storage subscriber limit

I would like to be able to limit a storage subscriber to a number of entries per run so I have more control over this process. Preferably including a sorting option. I am aware we can currently use JMESPath as a workaround, but considering performance, and aiming to create controlled dataflow volumes from all sources think this is a great addition to support natively.

Hi @t.vanderveen,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We really appreciate that.
Let me pass this on to the team!

Hi @t.vanderveen,
I got an update from the team that we have created a story for this. However, its implementation requires a series of other things that must be done first. For this reason, this feature may not be available in the near future. However, we really appreciate your input.

Hi @r.candrian Thanks for the update! Good to hear it gets picked up!