Support for .bzip2 decoding

Hi all,

Does anyone know if Alumio supports the unpacking/decompression of .bzip2 files?

If so, the .bzip2 file I’m trying to decompress contains multiple folders each containing an XML i would like to process. How can I get to the XML’s inside of the various folders?

Thanks for the help in advance​:call_me_hand::smile:

Hi Ties,

Alumio supports decompressing .bzip2 files. A decoder/parser labeled “Compressed” is available in “HTTP Subscriber” and “Filesystems: File subscriber”. The decoder/parser will automatically unpack/decompress zip, gzip, and bzip2 files according to the file extension.

You can configure it such as below.

As for GZIP and BZIP2, it’s important to fill the Patterns field with a single asterisk (*) as a GZIP and BZIP2 can only compress a single file, unlike ZIP.

Under the Patterns field, there is an option to select Parser, which is used to parse the decompressed file. For example, please select JSON if the decompressed file is a JSON file.

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Hi Ties,

Since you mentioned extracting multiple folders from a single BZIP2 archive file, then you must refer to the .tar.bz2 file. Is that correct? Unfortunately, we have an issue extracting files from a .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz files.

For your information, we already have this issue in our backlog and we will fix it in the upcoming sprints. Please check our Release Notes periodically to check whether the fix has been fixed in the upcoming versions.

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Hi Gugi, thanks for the response. I will keep an eye on the Release Notes.