System Logs in Alumio

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • System Logs Overview


The System Logs functionality lists all logs made while using Alumio and shows all background processes.

To get to the page, navigate the following path: Settings → Logs.

System Logs Overview

System Logs contain only an overview page which consists of the following information:

  • Date - time when logs were recorded.
  • Job - a type of job in a run. There are such types of jobs recorded and displayed on this page:
    • Prune tasks;
    • Create task statistics for the dashboard homepage;
    • Send notifications;
    • Prune Elasticsearch index.
  • Actions - allow to view logs and their details. Once click on the “Log” button in Actions, you can check the details of the corresponding logs and set a timestamp. Besides, when clicking on the three dots menu, you can filter timestamps, export and copy logs.