Testing connections of HTTP/SOAP Clients and Filesystems

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The “Testing connections” option


Testing connections allows you to create tests for different clients or filesystems.

Alumio offers testing connections in separate modules:

  • HTTP Clients;
  • SOAP Clients;
  • Filesystems.

The “Testing connections” option

To start using the “Testing connections” option, use these steps to navigate the functionality:

  1. Go to the HTTP/SOAP Clients or Filesystem, depending what exactly should be tested;

  2. Select records you want to test on the Overview page or press the “Test connections” button at the top of the page if you want to test all existing connections on the page.

  3. The “Test Results” popup expands displaying:
    a. Configuration name - tested client or filesystem.
    b. Status - indicates current status during/after execution.
    There are 3 statuses that are used in the popup:

    • Pending - the process is under execution, no Logs are shown and the “Logs” button is disabled.
    • Succeed - the process has been successfully finished, error message is absent, logs are available.
    • Failed - the process failed, error message is displayed, logs show the issue.

    c. Error message - displays the error in brief, highlighting an essential problem about the issue happened.
    d. Actions - logs specify the issue, that occurred in the corresponding configuration.