The Copy/Paste function in Alumio

Table of contents

  • Use case
  • The Copy/Paste Guide

Use case

When a user creates a configuration and wants to copy it to other settings, usually they have to make the same template from scratch. However, the Copy/Paste function allows copying and re-using parts of previously made configurations and pasting them into other functionalities in Alumio.

The Copy/Paste Guide

Follow these steps to use the Copy/Paste function for all configurations in Alumio:

Step 1: Ensure your dashboard has been updated to the latest changes. If no, go to the Profile icon > User Preferences > Reload Dashboard.

Step 2: Make sure access to Clipboard is granted. If access is declined (by accident), go into the site settings to set it to allow/prompt.

If access to Clipboard isn’t allowed, each time you try the Copy/Paste function, the system will indicate the following message and block the function:

Step 3: Go to another configuration and click the “Paste” option to transfer the copied functionality. Pay attention if you copy the Incoming configuration, for example, the system doesn’t allow you to paste it into the Outgoing configuration. See the screenshot below.

Step 4: Paste the copied configuration. You’ll see a current configuration with settings will be replaced with a previous configuration once you confirm to overwrite the field.

Step 5: Save and run configuration to check.

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