The Processes page

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Processes page


The Processes page gives an observation of all configurations with active schedulers and priority.

You can find this page via navigation through Settings > Processes.

Overview of the Processes page

The Processes page contains such settings:

  • Status - displays the current state of configuration:
    • Scheduled - configuration is planned to be run at the predefined time;
    • New - configuration with priority and duration time has been created;
    • Processing - configuration is running;
      • It’s possible to kill the processing of configuration by clicking on the checkbox and selecting on kill process. Then you’ll receive a message about the successful killing of the process.
    • Killed - configuration has been killed;
    • Finished - configuration has been successfully completed;
    • Failed - an error occurred during running in the configuration.
  • Process ID - a unique identifier assigned to the configuration.
  • Priority - order of configurations in which they should be picked up:
    • High;
    • Medium;
    • Low.
  • Type - configuration type.
  • Configuration - specific configuration which should be run.
  • Created at - a time when the process started working.
  • Process time - duration of process.
  • Actions:
    • View logs - allows to see details of process run.

Besides, it’s possible to filter records by:

  • type;
  • status;
  • process ID;
  • priority;
  • configuration;
  • created at.

Important to note: the maximum age of records is 30 days or if you reach 1000 records the eldest records will disappear.

To enable parallel processing of Routes, navigate here to view details

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