Use Indentifier ID in task payload

Hello there,

Currently in the created task “Overview” tab.
The Entity Identifier is set by us using the Entity Schema.

What if we would like to use the “Identifier” generated by Alumio for that specific task?
Like when sending an order, or latest update entity we would have a link to Alumios task.
As current, there is no way to access that information trough a transformer.
The only other topic related to this is

That would mean to do a workaround request inside Alumio to get our task data by the Entity Identifier.

Is currently possible to get the “Identifier” id when running a task?
Could also be considered as a feature requests.
Thank you!

You can create your own id by combining several fields from your payload.
Or selecting an existing id within the payload, for Alumio to use.

With the entity schema’s.
By filling the identifier path.

Hi @Roland ,

Thanks for the answer.

We have already set up for that specific Route a Entity Schema, as you can see, there are 3 fields set for identification.
We are looking for a better way to get the current generated unique “Identifier” by Alumio, inside the payload and use it when POST-ing data outside of Alumio.
Like in the example :

We would like to use the “Identifier” to add id to an URL field when sending the payload, or pass to whole url.
Here are 2 examples of how we would use them:


Hmm yes that is slightly different,
The @Alumio_support team will have a look.

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Hi @catalin

Could you please let us know whether it is blocking your integration?

Hi @Gugi ,

Our client that uses this logic would benefit a lot from it in the long run, if this request could be implemented in the near feature.
Currently, we can manage without sending the task URL trough the payload, but it would improve quality of life for debugging immensely.

Hi @catalin,

Thank you for your answer. We passed the request on to the team for further discussion. A story has been added to our backlog to implement it. However, we cannot provide you with any estimation at the moment. We will let you know once we have any updates.

In addition, you can subscribe to our Release Notes to check once the feature has been released in the future.

Thank you very much for your feedback! Please let us know if you have any other feedback.