Using attributes in a SOAP request


I’m trying to make a SOAP request that requires XML attributes for some of it’s elements. The attributes are set using the method described here. I do get the correct XML when testing with the XML serializer, but when making a SOAP request, all attributes are ignored.

One reason the attributes are required is to define the type of abstract elements like below:

<ns1:DateStrategySelection xsi:type="ns1:ChangedAfter">

The above part of the request causes another problem:
The Since field is not defined in DateStrategySelection, I think this causes Alumio to ignore the Since element in my request too.

Is there any way to make this work or is it just not supported?

Hi @l.jakobs

We are sorry for making you wait so long to get our response.

As you may already know from our replies through the Alumio Support that we don’t support abstract properties yet. However, we have added it to our backlog for further discussion with the team.

There is a workaround for this issue by using HTTP Transformer instead of SOAP transformer. In order to generate the correct XML, you can map your JSON entity by following How to map with Serialize: XML.