Value remover transformer

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Removing values from the request or other transformers


When working on a request with big data, sometimes there is a need to remove values from the data. In the past, it was complicated to unset values. For this, you might needed to use the “Value mapper” transformer and add mappers with values you would like to remove.

Now it is possible to solve such a tricky issue with the “Value remover” transformer which is used to remove values from the requests or anything that accepts transformers.

Follow the path: Connections > Entity transformers > Create an entity transformer to see how the “Value remover” workes.

Removing values from the request or other transformers

To use the “Value remover” transformer, you need the following:

  1. Create data transformer - “Value remover”. You can select it from the list of data transformers.
  2. Once you select this transformer, patterns with keys will be available to set up values that are needed to be removed.
  3. Input patterns and keys. Here you give the path to remove the value. Keep in mind that these fields support placeholders and all details regarding them you can find in this article.
  4. Set up filters or additional settings and run the test to view results.