Webhook Notification for Alerts

Hi Alumio,

As an agency, we handle the Alumio environments for many clients. There’s currently the option to send emails using the “Alerts” feature for both routes and incomings, but an email is not really the greatest way to notify us of failures.

We’d love the option to send webhooks (we wouldn’t necessarily need to specify the body of the webhook, as long as it has the needed data like the incoming, URLs & the environment). That would allow us to create an internal dashboard to keep up-to-date on issues our clients are experiencing.

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Hi @floris

We would like to inform you that we already have a similar story in our backlog. It will allow you to choose webhooks to notify you besides emails when an alert is triggered.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an estimate for when this feature will be available in the future. You can monitor our released notes pages to keep up to date on every feature released.

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