XML to JSON Transformation

Hello @Roland , i want to know more about this, i have used the value mapper → serialize xml, but my data is not transformed

Hey, Could this be what you are looking for?

mine does not get transformed to json, this is from the incoming configuration

Oh are you trying to get from XML to JSON?
Then you’d need to deserialize.

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Okay let try this then

thank you @Roland , one more thing, i am getting this error message now : xmlns: URI fashionmaster is not absolute

Here is the xml : https://codebeautify.org/xmltojson/y23e7d624

Hi @abubakar

Is “fashionmaster” the actual xmlns for the DataTable root element?

An xmlns (XML Namespace) should be identified by URI reference (Namespaces in XML 1.0 (Third Edition)).

I tried to put the XML file in a Postman Mock server and updated the xmlns of the DataTable element to an URI, i.e., https://www.fashionmaster.co.uk and Alumio can decode the XML.


Thank you, your solution is correct

You can select the answer that turned out to be the solution.

This will also help others in the future.

thanks for that, i have done that

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