Alumio [example] pre-configuration

Hi sometime ago I’ve build this configuration to help new customers get started inside of their brand new Alumio environment.
It connects products from two of our Alumio test interfaces.
This example configuration is shipped with new environments by default.
Well known as the “pre-configuration”.

Please read the pinned category topic on how to export share and import.


  • Last updated: 2022-09-07
  • Alumio version: 3.18.0


  • One route called “[example] System-B - update product from System-A”
  • Two configured test clients
  • Multiple transformers that show the basics on how transformers could be used
  • Two schedulers for recieving and sending the data
  • Lots of descriptions

Possible issues

  • Not known




export_20230111140718.ndjson (26.6 KB)