Where do I start with Alumio?


Someone in the office has decided Alumio is the solution to your problems.
But before you start solving your existing problems, you now have one extra, how do you use Alumio?

There’s no need to buckle up, this topic will get you started.

New environment

In your new environment there are a couple of example transformers, connections and a route.
We advise you to first take a look at the example route ‘[example] System-B - update product from System-A’.
And see if you can figure out how it works.
Besides that you can take a look at some of the sample transformers and read all the descriptions.


You are now of course on the Alumio Forum.
This forum has a lot to offer and above all, your question might already have been answered! It can be that easy.
Please read the rules and guidelines.

In the right top corner you can search for your question.
You can also browse trough our (sub)categories.
And if you are unable to find an answer you are always welcome to start a new Topic.
Please do so in the right category.

On this forum we also have pre written documentation that gives you tonnes of knowledge.
And above all, these are Wiki’s!
At trust level 2 you can attribute to the documentation.
At trust level 3 you can create new documentation.

You can get up to speed on our YouTube Channel.
Where we’d recommend taking a look at our playlists in particular the Getting Started series.

On this forum you can mention the @ Alumio_support group to notify our support staff.
And as a last resort you are always welcome to create a support ticket.

Other resources


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