Alumio version: 3.46.0-RC1

To continue making your Alumio integration experience simpler and more user-friendly, the release of Alumio Version 3.46.0-RC1 brings you our second batch of gratifying new features and fixes for the month. It includes a new smart encoding option and enhanced Tree view capabilities among the resolution of several pesky technical bugs. We hope to keep making it great to integrate with Alumio!

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version: 3.46.0-RC1

  • [NEW] We’ve added the “RFC 3986 Spaces to %20” encoding option to the Request URI encoder to support spaces to be percent-encoded.

  • [NEW] We’ve improved the overview in the Tree view of Entity transformers: you can now view configurations, see highlighted links that differentiate prototypes and configurations, and open the configuration in the Inline configuration editor.

  • [NEW] We’ve disabled the ability to increase values in the recently edited field when scrolling the page. Now the value stays static despite scrolling throughout the page.
  • [NEW] We’ve fixed an issue where the Route included Incoming and Outgoing configurations with the same identifier but wasn’t shown in the Relations tab correctly. This prevented exporting the configuration correctly.
  • [NEW] We’ve solved an issue where visiting the same deprecated storage page multiple times would result in an error.
  • [NEW] We’ve resolved a problem where 2 of the same processes could run at the same time when one of them would be a long-running process (multiple hours).
  • [NEW] We now support refreshing a token when no expiration date is given in integrations that use OAuth2.0 authentications. The token is refreshed after a 401 response is received.
  • [NEW] We’ve fixed a bug where new logs were displayed only in the executed configuration but didn’t appear in the Scheduler logs.
  • [NEW] Resolved an issue where setting up pagination in the HTTP Subscriber from the zero page caused the first page to be skipped.
  • [NEW] Solved a problem with incorrectly sorting logs even when using ascending/descending order in the Import messages tab.

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.46.0-RC1 on 17-10-2023 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.46.0 on 31-10-2023 (For usage on Production

How to update your environment

Your UAT environment is always automatically updated every 2 weeks to the latest release candidate version. This happens on the same day as the release notes are published by Alumio.

Note: Your production environment is NOT automatically updated to the next stable version. You can request production updates by contacting our Support Team via: Our Support Team will perform the update in correspondence with your planning.