Alumio version: 3.47.0-RC1

It has barely been two weeks since our last release notes. And, we’re already excited to bring you the release of Alumio version 3.47.0-RC1 to share some new fixes we’ve made and a new mapper that we’ve added to our integration platform. Check it out and enjoy an even more seamless and simplified integration experience with Alumio!

Here’s what’s new and improved with Alumio version: 3.47.0-RC1

  • [NEW] To help decode the HTML entities, we’ve added a new mapper “String: Decode HTML entities". You can find this new mapper by setting up the “Value setter” and selecting it in the list of mappers.

  • [NEW] We solved an issue where authentication settings in the HTTP Client were loaded incorrectly and showed the same fields for all the authentication methods causing an error.

  • [NEW] We fixed a bug where navigating to the task menu and expanding the filter would display a memory error.

  • [NEW] We resolved an issue where building an integration with a default prototype within the advanced tab in the HTTP Client showed a validation error.

  • [NEW] We’ve fixed a problem where using the “Server request” validator in combination with the “Validate message” body in the Webhook failed to retrieve an entity in the Incoming configuration and a syntax error occurred.

Release dates

  • Release candidate: 3.47.0-RC1 on 31-10-2023 (For usage on UAT)
  • Stable release: 3.47.0 on 14-11-2023 (For usage on Production)

How to update your environment

Your UAT environment is always automatically updated every 2 weeks to the latest release candidate version. This happens on the same day as the release notes are published by Alumio.

Note: your production environment is NOT automatically updated to the next stable version. You can request production updates by contacting our Support Team via: Our Support Team will perform the update in correspondence with your planning.

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