Extend debugging/datapoint functionality to failing transformers

Dear Alumio,

I am very happy with the current debugging/datapoint functionality.

Is it possible to extend this functionality to failing entity transformers? Especially since those are the times when you need that functionality the most. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Koen Schoute

Hi Koen,

First of welcome to the forum! I-am looking forward to more of your contributions on it.

Could you explain what you mean by extending the datapoints to failing entity transformers?

Hi Roland,

Thank you for your reply. The original functionality is described here: Datapoints (breakpoints) in transformer for debugging .

However, when a data/entity transformer fails, the datapoints/breakpoints do not get updated with the data of the failed run. This can be very useful in determining what is going wrong.

So in summary, my request is to keep the same functionality when the entity transformer fails, Not only when the transformer succeeds. So that we can see the data until right before the error occurs.