Datapoints (breakpoints) in transformer for debugging

You can easily debug your transformers by setting ‘datapoints’.
These datapoints are comparable with traditional breakpoints, the difference is however that with a datapoint enabled the configuration will keep running instead of ‘breaking’ where it has been set.


To activate the datapoints you only need to click the grey dot next to the transformer.
The dot will now turn red and is primed.
You can prime multiple datapoints at the same time, as previously mentioned the process won’t stop at a datapoint.

After running the configuration (manually) the dot will become green.
This means the results are ready to be read.

After clicking on the green dot, you can click View data.
A popup will appear with two tabs, Input and Output.
The Input tab will present data as it went into the transformer.
The Output tab will present data as it left the transformer.

Also if you did a mistake in the Transformer tester while setting up a configuration, data points show a path where an error occurs so it simplifies your working with various issues. For more details, you can advertise to test logs to see what exactly happened to your configuration and why data points highlight the error.

Debug 101

Start debugging on the highest level by enabling the datapoints on the hightest level first. See where your issue lies and work your way down, going deeper and deeper until you have pinpointed where the issue originates from.