Calculation example with volume discount, customer discount

Hi we’ve build this configuration to show how a calculation could be done with volume discounts, customer discount and using data is separate arrays.


  • Last updated: 2023-02-01
  • Alumio version: 3.25.0

Advice: Use the datapoints to see what a transformer has done.


  • Testdata
  • Transformers for calculations
  • Needed calculation

This calculation example will calculate prices with volume discount and user discount. The origin data contains three objects.

Order: contains the order contents
Customer: contains customer data
Products: contains a product catalogue

Needed calculation:
Customer account discount in percentage
MSRP price
SKU volume discount

Tier 1 = x pcs = 20% discount
Tier 2 = y pcs = 30% discount
Tier 3 = z pcs = 35% discount

Logical test: Order line: sku amount = volume discount in %
Calculate net sale price: (MSRP price – volume discount %) - Customer account discount % = net sale price



export_20230201131615.ndjson (4.3 KB)

Made possible with the efforts of @Gugi and myself.

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