Parallel Processing of a Route

Hi Alumio,

For a client I have an integration where the other side is kinda slow, and I don’t have the option to batch the requests.

I would like to parellel process this route. This way we could send the data twice as fast.

I’ve tried creating two schedulers on the same route, but unfortunately that doesn’t work.

Is there a way for me to enable this? Or is this an actual feature request :wink: .

Hi @floris,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.
I will forward your question to the relevant team to hear their thoughts.

Hi @floris,

We have conveyed it to the team. We’re treating this as a feature request, and we’ve created a story for this.
However, we still have other stories that are more important and needed so that the features you request can be available.
You can monitor every update released on the Release Notes page.

Hi @floris,

We would like to inform you that we have released a feature that makes Alumio process a task in parallel. It was released on the latest RC (3.56.0-Rc1).
Please find below for more information about the feature:

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