Stop executing in outgoing route

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a possibility to stop executing the outgoing task. Of course there is the conditional transformer and you can filter out unnecessary data, but in some use-cases it could be nice to have a other possibility. It would be nice to have a “stop processing transformer” that returns a failed or processed, based on a condition.

Or is there a nice work-around for this?

Hi @gijs.epping

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Regarding your questions, could you please confirm my understanding that you expect a transformer or something to stop the execution process on outgoing based on a condition?

If that’s what you expect, we don’t have that kind of feature yet. But there is a possibility that makes the task will be skipped, so the process will not continue.

Hi Gijs
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You can skip tasks, in the example configuration there’s an example transformer that skips them based on a condition.
Basically if the payload becomes null, the task will be skipped.

You can read the description in the ‘[EXAMPLE] Skip a task’ transfomer.

The ‘no action publisher’ in the outgoing configuration might also be interesting depending on the usecase.