How to refresh cache in Alumio

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The “Reload Dashboard” option


Sometimes when working with the new Alumio updates, you may face the problem of looking for the released features and can’t find them. This is usually caused by a problem of your browser cache that doesn’t allow you to view new updates from the Dashboard.

How this issue can be solved by Alumio?

Navigate the User profile icon > User preferences page to follow the topic.

The “Reload Dashboard” option

To be able to refresh the dashboard in one click without assistance of your browser, you need to perform the flow described below:

  1. Click on the User profile icon at the bottom left corner of the Dashboard.

  2. A popup will expand to you with such generic settings as:

    • will show you as a user;
    • the “User preferences” option;
    • the “Log out” option;
    • and display of all available environments to which you have access.
  3. To proceed, you should click on the “User preferences” option.

  4. Then you’ll be redirected to the User preferences page, where 2 available functionalities are present:

    • Cookie consent, described in this topic;
    • Reload dashboard.
  5. At the right corner of the “Reload dashboard” option you’ll see the “Reload dashboard” button. Once you click on it, cache will be automatically cleaned and all new updates become available.

Besides that, after reloading the dashboard, Alumio displays current dashboard version. To view this option, follow the path:

  1. Go to Settings > Info page.
  2. View the first record in the “Environment” tab.