Cookies consent

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  • Introduction


In this article we want to tell you about the policy and content of cookies you can find here once you navigate to your environment.

First of all, once you get to the “Environment” page, a cookie banner automatically displays informing you about the cookies policy. Once you select “Accept”, you consent to cookies collection on your environment. If you select “Decline”, no cookies will be collected on your environment. In addition, you are able to view what exactly cookies can be collected by clicking on the “Cookies statement”.

The “Cookies statement” informs you about such cookies as Google Analytics, HotJar which is used to provide a survey for our customers and ask their opinion on the implementation of functionality we work on, and Youtube where our videos of how to work with Alumio are placed. Examples of data that is collected are displayed on the screenshot.

Once you make the choice and navigate to the Dashboard, you become able to view set-up settings about cookies. To view them, click on your profile icon placed at the bottom of the left bar menu and select “User Preferences”.

The “User preferences” page will be displayed to you describing information about the status of cookies consent (accepted or declined). Besides, you can always change pre-selected preferences by clicking on the “Reset preferences” button and cookies will be cleaned up. To view the “Cookies statement” just click on the appropriate button on the page.